About Us

We design and create fabric heirloom dolls and custom memory gifts. We also offer sewing classes. Our name is pronounced dee-én-gee. We created the name diengie by combining the endings of our first names.

Our journey began in 2006 when we wanted to find a way to generate an income while working from home. We knew we had some skills and talents that we could utilize to create products. Our family has been creating fabric goods in various forms for generations. My mom and I both started sewing at an early age. There's never really been a time in our lives when we have not been sewing . We also really enjoyed thrifting. So it seemed natural to us to search out discarded fabric goods that could be repurposed into a new product.

Through some trial and error and prayer we realized that we could combine those two elements to begin our business. We started our first round of diengie in 2008 making bags and accessories from burlap coffee bean sacks and repurposed fabrics. We did that for about 7 years. 

After a seven year break, we reopened our business in 2022. We still make bags and accessories, using mostly repurposed fabrics, and we have recently added products for little ones: including, dolls, pacifier clips, teethers, and hooded towels.

We also take orders for custom memory dolls, stuffed animals, and our bags, where we use a customer's fabric that holds sentimental value, usually clothing of a loved one who has passed away, to create a new lovable and usable product. 

We want to create products for little ones and women that blend practicality and beauty. Making goods that are useful, but that also generate an emotional response. When we set up at markets, one of our favorite parts of the day is seeing the smiles on people's faces when they see our dolls for the first time. 

But beyond the products we create, we are also motivated by a desire to one day have an outreach to single moms and their kids. A ministry where we will identify needs and come alongside single moms to provide support, and teach them practical skills to empower them to better their lives. We don't know exactly what that will look like, but it does help drive what we do now.

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